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Demand for consumer credit: how to proceed?

You need a loan to carry out your projects? To apply for a consumer credit with a lending institution, it is important to clearly define your project and follow specific steps. Explanations.

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  1. Consumer credit application: who to contact?
  2. Define your project before applying for a credit
  3. The stages of a consumer credit application
  4. Conso loan application: documents to provide
  5. Compare offers before applying for credit

Consumer credit application: who to contact?

You want to buy a car, a home appliance, to go on a trip … For Barnaby Rudger your project, you may need to subscribe a consumer credit. Where do you go to get a loan? Consumer credits are distributed by different types of institutions:

  • The banks ;
  • Specialized organizations, known as credit agencies;
  • The certain companies of the trade and the distribution, only for the allocated credits and certain revolving credits.

You can apply to the lender of your choice and do not have to turn to the bank in which you have a current account. It is also possible to call a broker for a commission on the borrowed money.

Who can apply for credit?

You can apply for credit if:

  • You are major;
  • You receive stable income
  • You live in France;
  • You are not registered in the Banque de France’s national payment incident file (FCIP).

Each bank is then free to apply criteria to decide whether to grant consumer credit.

Define your project before applying for a credit

Before applying for credit, it is important to have your project ready. A thoughtful and thoughtful request will be more likely to receive a favorable response from a bank or credit institution.

So, define your project well before your request: what type of consumer credit do you want to subscribe (personal loan, credit allocated, credit without proof, revolving credit, revolving credit …)? How much do you need? What is your borrowing capacity? How much are you able to repay each month and over what period?

To prepare your loan application, the ideal is to use a consumer credit simulator! The credit simulation will help you to determine the conditions of realization of your project.

The stages of a consumer credit application


Once you have defined your project, you can apply for consumer credit. This request is framed: to proceed, it is important to respect steps. Here they are :

Choice of credit

Find out about existing offers available for your profile and needs. To do this, you can use a conso online credit comparator like Barnaby This free and non-binding tool lists the best quotes for you. If you are interested in an offer, all you have to do is apply for credit.

Application file

Application file

An offer of consumer credit caught your attention. You must send the bank or credit institution concerned an application file to express your interest. The file contains supporting documents that detail your situation and must prove your solvency.

Study of the loan application file

Once your credit request has been sent, it is up to the lending institution to evaluate it. The latter will study your personal and professional situation, your borrowing capacity, your repayment capacity, your debt ratio, check if you do not appear in the national file of payment incidents and decide whether or not your application is admissible. .

Loan offer

If the bank or credit institution accepts your credit application, it sends you an offer of loan, which specifies inter alia the amount and duration of the loan, the credit rate (APR, or annual percentage rate of charge), the amount and periodicity of the monthly payments, the total cost of the loan …

Conso loan application: documents to provide

loan application

Your application for consumer credit must be accompanied by a set of supporting documents:

  • A photocopy of your identity document (ID card, passport);
  • A bank account statement (RIB);
  • A photocopy of your last 3 payslips or a photocopy of the last tax notice if you are not an employee;
  • A proof of residence of less than 3 months (bill of electricity, gas, water, internet …).
  • Possibly of documents which attest of the nature of your project for the credits allocated of the type auto loan, loan works …

If you do not provide these documents, your application will be deemed non-responsive and will not be considered.

Compare offers before applying for credit


To take advantage of the best opportunity, the ideal is to apply for credit after comparing quotes online! A consumer loan comparator like Barnaby gives you quick and free access to the best offers according to your profile and needs.

In just a few minutes, fill out simple information about your situation and your project and choose the one that gives you the best interest rate. You just have to contact the establishment of your choice to apply for consumer credit and get a cheap credit!